Bula Fiji

Before leaving LA, I saw a pinko leftie protest at the Arnie Campagin HQ.
Then I left for Mana island on Fiji.
Met a guy there who owned a yatch
He took us out and I steered, turning us hard a port.
We went to Monuriki island where Castaway with Tom Hanks was filmed.
After that I went to Robinson Cruseo island which wasn't great apart from the fire dancing and native malarky.
Then I took a tiny seaplane which landed on Nacula island, which they pronounce Nathula island. Sillies!
It was very, very beautiful though, with beautiful beaches.
I want to live there.
Then I went on a sailing cruise on The Spirit Of The Pacific.

I stayed in a hut on Drawqa island,which they pronounce Ndrawnga. Sillies!
After being in a Kava Ceremony to welcome me to the island, a cannibal guy danced for us.
Fiji is great, but Oz internet-cafes suck ass!